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EastHill Leisure

Lake side Caravan Park Butlin’s Minehead

Plots 72 Jetty Cove & 116 River Cove

Our Family-Owned Caravans

Terms and Conditions


Our caravans are family owned and are for our family to enjoy, we let these out for other families to enjoy Butlin’s as much as we do.

Our terms and conditions are in place for your benefit, so that you and all our guests can enjoy a safe and comfortable holiday. You will be bound by our terms and conditions and the terms and conditions set out by Butlin’s. Please ensure that all terms and conditions are read carefully and understood before booking, we are always happy to answer any questions which you may have. Payment of the deposit or any monies received is considered as acceptance of these conditions.

EastHill Leisure reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions to run in accordance with any government or Butlin’s changes, if this happens a new terms and conditions will be sent to you.


1-Butlin’s Facilities:

  • In order to use the Butlin’s resort facilities, you must purchase ‘entertainment passes’ for each member of your party that are over 2 years old at the time of your arrival date. 72 Jetty Cove has 2 Adult and 3 Child passes included in the holiday cost, extra can be purchased through us at an additional cost. 116 River Cove has 8 passes included. There are also some special events that are ticket only and arena events. Tickets to these are NOT included in the price of the holiday and MUST be purchased through us separately.
  • Guest services, reception, security, or safety issues can be contacted on 01643 703331. For emergencies due to an issue in the caravan please contact us in the first instance on 07799415981 or 07799415892 we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • In the event that Butlin’s changes the programme of entertainment or removes/cancels any facilities or entertainment, this is completely beyond our control, and we cannot be held liable for these occurrences.
  • We are unable to guarantee that guests will gain access to every show/activity some days/times are busier than others and we cannot be held liable for these busy times.
  • Caravan guests do not have access to the online booking system for shows caravan guests have reverted to the pre COVID system of queuing. EastHill Leisure cannot be held liable for venues reaching capacity before your arrival.
  • We would hate to see it happen, however, to protect everyone onsite, if any serious incidents or persistent bad behaviour is reported Butlin’s will ask those guests to leave. If this happens there will be no refunds given.
  • In the unlikely event that Butlin’s ban you or a member of your party from site, for any reason, we cannot be held liable for any costs or the resulting loss of any holiday. We will also not hire to you or members of your party in future.



  • All advertised rates are based on 2 adults and 3 children on family breaks and 4 adults on adult breaks in 72 Jetty Cove extra passes can be purchased through us at the time of booking up to a maximum of 8 on family breaks. 116 River Cove has up to 8 passes included on family breaks. On adult breaks we include 4 passes 2 additional can be purchased when booking. The total number of berths may not be exceeded by law. Please be aware that there are 3 bedrooms in the caravan that sleep 6 people, with an additional 2 people able to sleep on a fold out bed in the living area. We only allow 6 guests on adult breaks. If you are found to have exceeded the berthage of the caravans, you and your party will be asked to leave with no refunds given.
  • As per Butlin’s rules there must be at least two over 25’s within any adult only party booking and no single person or same sex group bookings are allowed during family breaks unless a valid reason can be given. Butlin’s will not accept bookings where there are more than 6 children under 15 years old per adult.
  • Only guests named on the booking form are permitted to stay in the caravans. Violation of this rule may result in your entire party being removed from site with no refunds given and banned from future bookings.
  • All guests wishing to stay on site must be on the electoral or Butlin’s reserve the right to decline the booking and result in the loss of your holiday with no refunds being issued.
  • All bookings are non-transferable. This means you cannot re-sell or transfer your holiday to another party. Only in some circumstances can we change the name of the lead booker this will incur an administration charge of £25.00. We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance to cover any eventualities that may arise.
  • The details (title, name date of birth and address) of all people staying in the caravans are needed for the booking form which is required by Butlin’s. Any details provided to EastHill Leisure will never be passed to any other party except Butlin’s as part of the booking process and the Police if needed.
  • Strictly no pets are allowed. Violation of this will result in you being asked to leave with no refunds issued the loss of your damage bond and possibly incur additional charges.
  • Under 18’s are not permitted on the resort during adult only weekends.
  • Wristbands are not to be sold on to anybody else they are assigned only to the guests staying in the caravan you have booked. If anyone in your party is found to be selling them, you will be asked to leave the site with no refunds issued.
  • In the unlikely event that your caravan becomes unavailable for any reason, you will be given a full refund including deposit.
  • Easthill Leisure reserve the right to refuse or cancel any bookings.


3-Payments And Fees:

  • We request a 20% non-refundable deposit upon booking your holiday to secure your break, this is required to be paid within 24 hours on school holiday breaks and 48 hours on all other breaks unless agreed with us at the time of requesting a booking form.
  • Butlin’s charge an administration fee of £10.00 per booking and this in included within your holiday price. This fee may increase if the booking is done closer to your holiday date, usually this is £25.00 within 24 hours of your stay and £30.00 if booked to arrive within 24 hours, late booking fees are not included within the holiday price. Any changes to your booking after your details have been added to the Butlin’s system will incur a £25.00 administration fee.
  • Any balances will be required to be paid by the due date shown on your holiday paperwork from us, usually this will be 6 weeks prior to your holiday start date. Bookings for December breaks are required to be paid in full by the beginning of November, this is due to Butlin’s closing the booking portal to caravan owners to allow time to process the Christmas bookings. The payment date will be on your paperwork. If the balance is not paid on time, it may result your holiday being cancelled and re-advertised. The deposit will not be refunded.
  • We don not currently have any payment plans in place if you wish to make additional payments towards your break, please use your booking reference number and send us an email letting us know of payments made. Please note that if you make additional payments and cancel your break this will fall under our cancelation policy, and will only have remaining balance returned depending on when you cancel.


4-Obligations Of The Lead Booker:

  • A responsible adult over 25 years must be the lead booker and staying in the caravan.
  • The lead booker is liable for any damage caused to the caravan, contents or any additional cleaning required during the period of the hire, regardless of who actually causes the damage.
  • The lead booker is responsible for ensuring that all terms and conditions are met at all times.
  • Under 18’s must be always supervised in the caravans by a responsible adult.
  • The lead booker is responsible for ensuring the caravan is properly secured, i.e., all windows and doors are closed and locked when the caravan is not being occupied. Failure to do so will result in you being held responsible for any loss or damage. Please store your valuables out of sight when you leave day or night as we will not be responsible for any losses during your stay.
  • In the unlikely event that the caravan is broken into, you must first contact the Police and file a report to obtain a crime number. You must also notify EastHill Leisure and Butlin’s.
  • The lead booker is responsible for ensuring that all information on the booking form is true and accurate. Any inaccuracies or false statements may result in refusal of entry to Butlin’s and your holiday being cancelled. If this occurs, you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • The lead booker is responsible for all keys that have been provided for the caravans. If any keys are lost or not returned at the end of your stay, you will be charged for replacement locks to be fitted and all keys required by EastHill Leisure and Butlin’s.
  • Please discourage children from digging potholes any where within the caravan park as this could cause injury.
  • There are a lot of bunnies on site and where there are bunnies there will be holes, please be mindful of this when walking around the site.
  • Butlin’s is a family venue, please be responsible for you and the rest of your party’s actions. Any behaviour considered unreasonable, may result in you and your party being asked to leave the resort forfeiting the rest of your holiday. No refunds will be issued in this instance.
  • Please keep noise levels down to a minimum at night and respect other caravan park users
  • The green outside of the caravans is a lovely area for children to play, please be mindful of ball games, that the ball is not a hard ball that could cause damage to other caravans in the area, which you may be held responsible for. Please remember to be respectful other guests staying in the cove. Any continuous disruption to other guests where complaints are made may result in you and your party being asked to leave. No refunds will be issued.


5- Use Of The Caravan:

  • In order to keep our prices as low as possible, there are some items we do not supply as part of the hire. We supply pillows and duvets, but you must provide your own bed linen such as sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. We can organise a beds made up service via our contractor at an additional cost which must be arranges at time of booking. Mattress and pillow protectors must not be removed.
  • If you do not book the bed linen before your arrival date and you forget your bedding, there will be an additional charge made by the contractors to supply bed linen.
  • We understand that accidents can happen especially with little ones overnight, EastHill Leisure recommends that bed mats be placed under the bed sheet to protect the mattresses. If there are any accidents, please notify us so that we can arrange for it to be sorted before the next guest goes in. As Any soiled mattress protectors or mattresses will result in the cost of replacements being taken from your damage bond.
  • Other items that are not provided as part of the hire include towels, tea towels, toilet paper, washing up liquid, washing up equipment, soap and toiletries. We do try to make sure that some cleaning items are in the caravans as we know these things can easily be forgotten, if you do use them, we ask that you try to replace for the next guests, as we are not on site all the time to check these items and our contractors are not responsible for this.
  • No smoking or vaping/e-cigarettes is permitted in or near the caravans. This includes leaning out of open windows or doors. Violation of this will result in the loss of your damage bond and you may be asked to leave with no refunds given. Smoking is permitted outside away from open windows or doors, but please dispose of your cigarettes responsibly. Discarded cigarettes on the ground are regarded as littering and the cleaning charge from the contractors will be passed to you. If you do use an ashtray, please make sure you dispose of its contents safely before you leave.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding the use of drugs or any other substances in our caravans. If any evidence is found Butlin’s policy is for the caravan to be secured and to be treated as a crime scene, the substances will then be removed and sent to be tested all guest details will be given and could result in a Butlin’s lifetime ban. If there are suspicions of substance use during your stay you will be asked to leave with no refunds including damage bond being given.
  • Please check your caravan upon arrival. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your caravan, please advise us within 2 hours of arrival by calling or texting Kris on 07799415981 or Bev on 07799415892 or through our Facebook page. We would not wish for you to be held liable for damages caused by the previous occupants should it have been missed by our contractors. We would like to maintain a high standard, and if there were a problem with cleanliness of the caravan, we would like to be made aware of this so that we can rectify any issues as quickly as possible and monitor the situation.
  • In the event that you or one of your party breaks or damages anything, please report this to EastHill Leisure as early as possible. The sooner we are made aware, the more likely we will be able to rectify the problem in the most cost-effective way. It is accepted that accidents do happen, and where items are broken (e.g., glasses, plates, cups or pans being burnt) If we know than we can advise on what to do without risking the loss of your damage bond i.e. replacing or cleaning the item while you are there as there are additional charges incurred if we have to arrange it from our end.
  • Pushchairs, prams, buggies or wheelchairs must only be taken into the caravan if the wheels are clean. Bicycles and scooters must not be taken into the caravan. To protect the carpets and to safeguard your damage bond, we request that all outdoor footwear is removed as soon as you enter the caravans. Please note that high heels/stilettos are likely to cause damage in the non-carpeted areas of the caravans and appropriate care should be taken.
  • You must not dispose of nappies, wipes (even the flushable ones) or sanitary products down the toilets as these are liable to cause a blockage which will result in a call out which may be charged back to you.
  • In our caravans we have wooden highchairs and a booster seat which straps to the chairs in 116. EastHill Leisure recommends that you check and clean these before use as we are unable to guarantee that they have been cleaned to a high standard or damaged by previous guests. Please ensure that the child is not left unattended in these seats they are to be used. We also have a travel cot in each caravan usually stored under the bed in the main bedroom again EastHill Leisure recommends that these a thoroughly cleaned and checked for damage before use again these are extras added in our caravans and our contractors are not responsible for these. The travel cots do not have mattresses and EastHill Leisure recommend that you bring one to use for the comfort of your child. These items are in the caravans for the convenience of guests and are used at the guests own risk EastHill Leisure cannot be held liable for any incidents involving these items, We ask that you do leave the items as you would expect to find them as they are extras in the caravans and not covered by our contractors.
  • The Butlin’s facilities and activities are extensive and should keep your children amused all day long. We don not encourage the use of colouring pens, felt tips, crayons, paints, play doh or any other messy activities, however we do understand that children may need to be kept amused inside the caravans. In the event that you do use any of the above, the children must be supervised at all times. Should walls, upholstery or any other surfaces become marked, it may result in the need for specialist cleaning or redecoration which the lead booker will be liable for.
  • We ask that guests are mindful when using make-up items, nail varnish or body paint if any of these items get on to the furniture or flooring this could result in specialist cleaning or replacement. The lead booker will be liable for this.
  • We have installed a local alarm sensor on the front door of the caravans for guests to use overnight for the protection from intruders and to help notify if any children or vulnerable persons try to exit without the responsible adult’s knowledge. If you intend to use this, please check that the battery still works beforehand. Easthill Leisure cannot be held liable if this sensor fails.
  • BBQs are allowed on the patio area only, not on any benches and not near the caravan due to calor gas and undergrowth. Please ensure that all BBQs are properly extinguished and disposed of after use.
  • There are ventilation grates in the floor of each room of the caravans, please do not block these as they help with the condensation and build-up of any carbon monoxide gases should they arise.
  • There are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed for our guest’s safety, please do not tamper with these as they are life saving devices. Any guest found to tamper or remove these items will be asked to leave with no refunds given. If any are found to be missing or damaged after your break this will result in the loss of your damage bond.
  • If you do incur an issue with the caravan during your stay i.e., heating, lighting, issues with TV or internet please contact Kris on 07799415981 or Bev on 07799415892 and not Butlin’s as this will incur a charge which if deemed unnecessary will be passed on to the lead booker.


6-Arrival And Departure:

  • Please arrive at the Main/West gate where you will be directed to park up in the car park and walk into the check in which is opposite the main entrance within guest services. Information on your check in will also be on your holiday paperwork sent from Butlin’s. Your welcome pack with your caravan key will be available from 4pm on the day of your arrival. You are welcome to arrive on resort and use the Butlin’s facilities from 1pm however you are not permitted to bring your car on to site before 4pm, you can park up on the sea front and walk on to the resort from 1pm. Once you have your welcome pack you will be directed to the caravan park where you will be able to park in your allocated parking space.
  • Please let us know if you will be arriving later than 4pm.
  • You must depart the caravans and return the keys by 10 am on the day of departure. This is to allow our contractors enough time to be able to get the caravans ready for the next guests going in. Failure to vacate the caravan by 10 am may result in you being charged an additional fee. You are welcome to use Butlin’s facilities on the morning of your departure, but you must move your car to the main carpark, and by Butlin’s request leave the resort by 12pm.
  • Upon arrival the heating will be set to a comfortable temperature for your stay if you do need to adjust the heating you may do this by tapping the screen on the thermostat and using the up and down buttons to adjust the temperature, please do not set up any schedules as this causes issues for the next guests going in. If you have any issues with the heating, please contact us as this is usually a simple fix.
  • Before departure, please leave the caravan in a tidy respectable condition. All kitchen equipment including cooking utensils, cups, glasses, plates, bowls, saucepans, and cutlery must be cleaned dried and put away. All rubbish must be removed from the caravan, please don not leave food or drink in the cupboards or fridge/freezer. There are large bins located around the caravan park for you to dispose of any items you do not wish to take home. Please be aware that these items are not covered by the cleaning contractor and failure to do so will result in an additional cleaning fee which we will pass on to the lead booker and taken from the damage bond.
  • If after departure the cleaning contractors find that the mattress protectors are soiled there will be an additional cleaning fee of £10.00 which will be passed to the lead booker and taken from the damage bond.
  • If our cleaning contractors arrive and deem the caravan has been left in a bad state of cleanliness and requires additional time to clean there will be a further charge from the contractor this charge will be passed to the lead booker and taken from the damage bond.
  • All personal belongings need to be taken with you on departure day as we cannot be held responsible for items left behind.
  • On departure day please ensure that all lights TV’s Stereo and games consoles are switched off.
  • Any missing equipment will be deducted form the damage bond. This is why it is essential that you report damage or missing items upon your arrival.



  • There is one allocated parking space per caravan, 72 is an end space outside the caravan 116 is on the opposite side of the road to the caravan in the middle, both spaces are numbered. Please note that these can only be used if the vehicle falls within Butlin’s restrictions (vehicles should be no bigger than a people carrier). Please use the space specified for the caravan only and at no time are you permitted to park on any of the grass areas.
  • Please display your parking permit in the windscreen, failure to do this may result in you receiving a parking ticket from Butlin’s.
  • If you have more than one vehicle once unloaded the second vehicle needs to be moved to the main carpark. Please do not park in any other spaces failure to park in the correct spaces may result in a parking ticket from Butlin’s.
  • All motor vehicles should not exceed the 10mph speed limit and observe the one-way system.


8-Open Water/Safety:

  • There is a moat around the caravan park and a large open lake within the park and Butlin’s operate an open water policy. Please ensure all children and vulnerable persons are supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  • Under no circumstances must a person enter the lake to swim, wade or paddle in the water.
  • Watercrafts are not advised and anyone using one MUST wear life preservers. Inflatable and powered craft are NOT permitted on the lake.
  • Fishing is only permitted on production of a Rod Licence.
  • Fishing from the lake edge is only permitted on the lake edge to the right of the Highwayman Pub and not allowed in Private Owners Garden areas that go onto the lake.
  • Fishing is allowed between the hours of 9am and 10pm daily.
  • Lead shot line weights are NOT permitted.
  • Anglers must not leave any rubbish or used fishing tackle on the lake edge.
  • Any anglers causing noise or nuisance will be able to leave.
  • Butlin’s do not allow drones to be used anywhere on resort or caravan village.
  • Butlin’s do not permit the use of scooters or electric scooters anywhere on resort or caravan village. Similarly, in line with legislation and in accordance with health and safety advice Butlin’s only permit the use of segways, hoverboards or balance boards if they are part of an organised-on resort activity.


9-COVID-19/Norovirus And Contagious Diseases:

  • Please do NOT travel to Butlin’s if you or any of your party are feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19. Or have had a positive lateral flow test. EastHill Leisure, recommend you take out travel insurance just in case you must cancel the break or leave early.
  • Please wash and sanitize your hands frequently during your stay to help combat COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses.
  • If anyone in your party becomes unwell during your stay, please inform us straight away and return to the caravan. Butlin’s will be informed by us, and they may ask you to leave the site. Again, for this reason Easthill Leisure strongly recommend taking travel insurance.
  • In the event of you needing to cancel your break our cancellation policy is on a sliding scale and can be found under condition 9 in this document.
  • Should Butlin’s become aware, or have reasonable grounds for suspicion, that a guest has contracted a contagious disease, that has the potential to infect a large number of people quickly, they and their party will be required to leave the resort. If this is not possible, then restrictions will be placed upon their activities and movements in order to prevent the disease from being transmitted to other guests. No refunds will be offered in such circumstances and EastHill Leisure strongly recommend you take out travel insurance for anything that may occur out of our control as we do not include this in your charges.
  • Easthill Leisure are unable to recommend any insurance companies this is down to you as the hirer to arrange.
  • Should the site be CLOSED due to COVID-19 then we will offer the following guarantee:
  • Full refund including deposit
  • Move the break to another time. If that break is a different price, then a refund or request for extra funds will apply.
  • Move the break to the same period in the next calendar year (usually at the same price but is subject to inflation costs)
  • If the site remains open and restrictions are bought back into place, then you will be offered the following:
  • Move the break to another time. If that break is a different price, then a refund or request for extra funds will apply.
  • Keep the break and you will be offered a refund to reflect the current restrictions.


10- Refunds:

EastHill Leisure’s refund policy is as follows:

  • If you have to cancel the break before you have paid the balance, then there are no refunds given of the deposit you have paid.
  • If you have to cancel the break once the balance has been paid, we will refund the balance only using the following scale of weeks before your break.
  • If you have paid for your break in full before the 6-week date and cancel you will be refunded 90% of the balance.
    • Up to 7 Days 10%
    • 8 – 14 Days 20%
    • 15 – 21 Days 30%
    • 22 – 28 Days 40%
    • 29 – 35 Days 50%
    • 36 – 42 Days 60%

We highly recommend that you take out appropriate holiday insurance should there be any problems. We are unable to advise on which company to use.


11- Limitations in Liability:

  • We cannot be held liable for any loss resulting from actions / enforcement of policy / changes or cancellation of entertainment or facilities by Butlin’s as this is beyond our control.
  • We cannot be held liable for any loss of holiday resulting from extreme weather conditions, acts of God, communicable diseases, epidemics/pandemics.
  • We cannot be held liable from any loss of holiday resulting from travel implications i.e., train cancellations, car problems etc.
  • We cannot be held liable for personal injury, loss or damage to any of your possessions during your stay this includes any vehicles parked in our spaces or Butlin’s car parks.

We appreciate that a holiday is a time for everyone to relax and have a good time. All we ask is that all guests remain respectful of our caravans and be mindful of what is done in the caravan could the next guests going to enjoy Butlin’s with their families. We are only a small family business and do not have the ability to swallow expenses that occasionally happen.



Adult Only Breaks

These are in addition to our standard Terms and Conditions

1-Arriving On Resort:

A form of photo identification is required by all guests to receive wristbands. Ideally, this would be a passport or driving licence. However, if you do not own one of these another form of identification will be acceptable if it has your name and a clear photograph. Butlin’s policy is No ID No Wristband will be issued.

You may arrive on resort from 1pm and collect your wristbands from dedicated collection point stated on your holiday paperwork, but you are not able to check-in until 4pm unless you have paid for early check-in


A-Wristbands are required to be worn by all guests the cost of these is included in the price of most of the adult brecks but not the ticketed event breaks these need to be purchased separately through us. Butlin’s policy is NO wristband NO entry.

B-The wristbands supplied with the breaks are for use by the guests staying in our caravans and named on the booking form they are NOT to be resold. If anyone is found to do this, then they will be asked to leave and forfeit the rest of the break with no refunds given.

3-Refundable Damage Bond:

The refundable damage bond is charged at £50.00 per person however if any damage is caused or the caravan requires extra cleaning, the cost of this will be taken from the whole amount and the remainder returned to the lead booker to then return to the rest of the party.

We appreciate that the adult breaks are where guests want to let off steam and have a good time. All we ask on these breaks is that guests remain respectful of our caravans and be mindful of what is done in the caravans could impact the next guests going to enjoy Butlin’s with small children. We are only a small family business and do not have the ability to swallow expenses that occasionally happen on adult breaks.


Privacy and GDPR

  1. Any and all information you provide to us is held in accordance with the data protection act.
  2. This information is used to facilitate the booking of your holiday onto the Butlins system. Once on the Butlins system it is then covered by their own policies.
  3. We only hold onto the information for tax declaration purposes.
  4. We do not share or sell any of your information to any other party or company.
  5. We do not contact you with any other offers or marketing.